Paul Bennett - Artist

"Meeting Paul Bennett was no coincidence. Walking into

his Lane Cove home, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit whose mind is open to non-traditional ideas of how we form part of a higher consciousness. Like me, he would also tell you that there is no such thing as a coincidence."

                                                                                  Nicola Riches, Editor The Village Observer  

Artistry has propelled Paul’s entire life, from playing violin in Queensland’s Musica Viva Society Orchestra, to a scholarship at the London College of Printing to study design in the early 70s, to a life working in partnership with his wife Tutti running their own advertising agency, The Bennett Creative Group.

In official retirement, Paul has taken to music, writing and painting. He is author of the book “The Cranky Guru: Adventures in Metaphysics” where he divulges, in a playful and funny way, his take on our place in the universe. It’s essential reading: it even includes details on how to hug someone properly (yes, there is a better way!) 

Paul’s work has a timeless, beautiful quality; exploring air, wind, fire, water. The poignancy of his work, at this point in time, is inescapable. It’s as though his works are symbiotic, and empathetic with us and our environment. The droughts and fires, painted before that crises, are arresting. But the theme that encapsulates his work, “two precious minutes of nothing”, is eerily prophetic. Here is an artist who asks us to delve into silence; into nothingness; into stillness in order that we can be revitalised and rewarded. To have that message presented to us amid a crisis that demands we self-isolate is profound.

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