Chill Pill  

Meditating on a beautiful painting can heal us, inspire

us, and alter our brain chemistry, leaving us filled with inspiration and love.


And although much positive research has already been done in this area, we don’t need science to prove it to us. This ability to be transported to other realms is astonishing and we all have the ability to enter new worlds while meditating on beautiful art.


The meditation I present here is easy to do and will settle not only your body, but also your mind, releasing tensions, thoughts, worries, and all distractions. You may find that you are helped initially by closing your eyes as you take ten deep breaths and with each out-breath, relax further and further. Once settled, open your eyes and rest them gently on your painting.

Visualise yourself being drawn into the painting and fly through the clouds like the distant birds in the sky. Feel deeply the freedom this invokes within you and know you are liberated in the moment, from all stress and worry. Then in an unforced way, let this loving resonance grow stronger as you feel centered and totally relaxed.

Rest momentarily and then continue with your day in the knowledge that your cherished artwork will always be there to relax and revive you. Namaste.

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